2030 is around the corner and the Automotive industry has promised a lot of change, better quality, and exciting new vehicles to come. Unfortunately, it is not foreseen that our cars will fly like The Jetsons in the next decade or so but experts do think that you will be picked up by autonomous vehicles in certain cities.

Gasoline cars will still be on the road but they will start to fade out as big carmakers such as Volvo, BMW, VW, and others have said that they want their vehicles to be fully-electric by the year 2030.

We are going to take a look at what the car experts think will happen with the automotive industry by the year 2030.

Self-driving, electric, exciting new cars, and ideas are in the works for the automotive industry for 2030 and beyond.

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What will make cars in 2030 special compared to how they are now?

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The automotive industry is trying hard to provide us with great cars that have high performance, are eco-friendly as well, and made out of high-quality materials. It is believed that the industry will struggle in the next few years to make sure that they have the perfect balance between luxury, performance, safety, and price but, once they get the balance right, the possibilities are endless.

The main factors that will make cars special and stand out will be the designs and engineering of the cars. We have already had a taste of this from Porsche. The Porsche Taycan is the world’s finest electric car because it has a great balance between performance, fine driving factors, great styling, high-end tech, as well as high-quality components.

The best route to success for cars in 2030 will be understanding how to build desirability. People need to want to have cars, feel safe while driving them, as well as have enough space and comfort.

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Will electric cars be more present in 2030 than they are now?

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Brandon Mason, director and U.S. mobility leader at PwC has said: “Automakers are making big bets on EVs,” he explained. “There’s a significant amount of capital in EVs now. But we won’t see an inflection point until the middle of the next decade. Battery packs are still cost-prohibitive.”

We already have a few ultra-luxury carmakers that have announced electric vehicles. The first Bentley, as well as the Rolls-Royce electric cars, are due by 2025 and we have a Jaguar XJ Saloon, which is ready to be launched into the industry as an electric car as well.

We cannot forget about the electric car geniuses at Tesla. It is believed that they will bring us exciting new cars that will be more affordable as well as give you better distance in the near future.

Mercedes-Benz has also come to the party and has launched a new flagship car, the EQS. It is an electric car that will give you more than 435 miles of range. Mercedes-Benz has forecast that half of their deliveries will be plug-in hybrids and fully electric cars by the year 2030.

Whilst it is predicted that there will be a lot of electric cars on the road by 2030, the automotive industry will hit a few bumps in the road. The batteries for the cars will still be on the pricier side compared to ICE models, and cities will need to launch projects to make sure that they have enough charging stations around for the cars to charge, which is already being done across the developed world.

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The cars of 2030: Will they drive us around?

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The idea of having autonomous cars that can drive us around while we focus on other things is a cool concept for some people and a scary one for others. Experts believe that self-driving cars could replace taxis and ride-sharing vehicles like buses in urban cities.

With that being said, just like electric cars have high costs, autonomous vehicles come with a high price as well. Brauer said: “There’s several hundred thousand dollars of technology in each of these vehicles. I don’t see private ownership of self-driving cars happening for the foreseeable future.”

It is believed that vehicles with Level 4 or Level 5 autonomy will arrive on our streets as early 2030.

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Will the roads of America for 2030 be paved with promise or be complicated?

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The roads in 2030 are predicted to be safer and less confusing for drivers. Another great aspect that has been predicted is that roads will have a low carbon impact as they will consume less energy and use sustainable materials. Roads might also be proactive and help reduce emissions.

Egis Group has said: “In 2030, roads will have become industrial objects. They will not yet be automated but driving assistance systems will have substantially penetrated the market. They will be safer, easier to use and more environmentally friendly.”

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