NEW DELHI. In a video going viral across social media, a girl can be seen slapping a cab driver repeatedly. The girl alleged that the cab driver hit her with his car.

The incident reportedly took place in Lucknow, where Krishnanagar police challaned three men for breach of peace on Saturday night in connection with the video.

Why Arrest Lucknow Girl is trending; watch viral video here

ADCP, Central, Chiranjeev Nath Sinha said the girl, identified as Priyadarshani Yadav, was going to Awadh crossing on foot when a speeding car whizzed past her, scaring her out of her wits. She raised an alarm after which traffic cops got the vehicle stopped.
Twitter was divided after the video went viral. Many condemned the girl’s action, while others pointed that she acted in self-defense after the cab driver tried to jump a red-light.

#ArrestLucknowGirl was trending on Twitter

‘Punish this girl’

‘I support the girl’

Spot who tried jumping a signal

‘She was on zebra crossing, following the rules’

‘The cab driver was speeding’

‘Driver should be behind bars’

‘Such thrashing is needed’

‘No fault of girl’

‘The girl’s anger is justified’

‘Stop siding with the driver, the signal was clearly red’

‘Fake feminism’

‘She was in danger’

‘It seemed the car is going to run over her’

‘Stop breaking traffic rules’

‘Men can’t even defend themselves’

‘Both were wrong’

‘How many more lives will get destroyed’

‘Let experts decide who’s at fault’